Experimental Field 5G in Agriculture and Forestry

Grafik Drohne und Traktor auf Landwirtschaftsfläche

A digital »experimental field 5G in agriculture and forestry« will be created for the upcoming 5G cellular standard. Here, new robot technologies and real-time processes, as well as high transmission rates and connectivity for large numbers of users (machines, sensors, Internet of Things), can be developed and tested.

Under the leadership of the Saxon State Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology (LfULG), the project is designed to demonstrate the digitisation of a crop farm, interfaced with animal production, at the specific example of the educational and experimental station (LVG) of Köllitsch. We are setting up a test and demonstration centre for process digitisation and robotics in milk production. New solutions for animal identification, for animal localisation, but also for tracking and assistance systems will be tested and demonstrated in animal husbandry. The focus lies on improving animal health and animal welfare.

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