Reorientation of EAFRD funding after 2020 (EAFRD – RESET)

Over many funding periods, the founding of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) developed into a complex and complicated system. The EU regulations stipulate a multitude of rules and provisions to ensure the proper and effective use of EAFRD financial resources.

However, the volume of rules and provisions, in particular in the second pillar of the CAP, has now reached such a significant and disproportionate level that the positive technical objectives increasingly fade into the background and decreasing acceptance upon local stakeholders.

From our perspective, a fundamental revision of all EAFRD regulations but in particular administrative and control procedures is absolutely necessary in preparation of the funding period starting from 2021. The focus has to be shifted back to ensuring the success of the European strategies and the objectives to be achieved.


Using the link below, you can download the proposal ´Reorientation of EAFRD funding after 2020 (EAFRD – RESET)´, that had been elaborated by the Saxon State Ministry for Energy, Climate Protection, Environment and Agriculture.

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